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    Electric Car Frame Machine
    Hydraulic tilting movable legs, easy to get off the accident car.
    Rata tube upgrade, ultra-high design, easy to repair various models.
    The tiger gripper main clamp can quickly clamp and fix the skirt of the car and the girders of pickup trucks and SUV.
    The main clamp’s inclined iron / press plate fixing can be faster and more practical.
    The auxiliary traction manual puller device can help the operator to drive the vehicle steadily onto the platform.
    Technical Parameters
    Length of platform18.4’560 cm
    Maximum rack length (with tower)23.1’704 cm
    Width of platform7.2’220 cm
    Rack width (with tower)12.2’371 cm
    Pattern width26.3’67 cm
    Height of work4.7’up to 22”Min. 12cm Max.56cm
    Tie-Downs222222 holes
    Max lift Capacity7800 lbs3500 kg
    Power Requirements380V 1Ph 50Hz380V 1.5KW
    Max Pulling Capacity10 tons9t 72 kg
    Pulling tower sizesΦ160*2000mm16*200cm
    Shipping Weight6 200 lbs2512 kg
    Car Repair Bench PhotoChina Auto Body Frame Machine factory

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